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  • STOP AND STAY CALM. Never drive away from the scene of an accident, even a minor one and keep yourself composed to avoid unnecessary actions.

  • CALL THE POLICE FOR ASSISTANCE. Even if the accidents were not serious, it is very important to call the police. You may be needing a police to report or file a complaint to claim your vehicle insurance from your insurance company. The driver of the vehicles involved in the accident should remain and never drive away from the scene.

  • PROTECT THE SCENE FROM ANY POSSIBLE. By preventing further accidents you can setup a signal flares or keep your flash lights on if it is dark for any passer by to avoid additional accidents while waiting for the police.

  • MAKE SURE TO PROVIDE AN HONEST AND ACCURATE STATEMENTS. When the police officer arrive, make sure to tell the investigating officer(s) exactly what happened to the scene, do not add or omit something from the scene. If you do not know certain proofs, tell that to the officer. Do not speculate or guess any from the situation. And if the officer(s) asked if you are injured but you are not sure, instead of no, answer it that you are not sure. Normally, pain and injuries takes an hour to feel after the actual accident so we never know what will happen to you after experiencing a collision. Make sure that the other side were telling an honest and accurate reports/statements.

  • TAKE PICTURES FROM THE SCENE. If you have a camera or cellular phones with cameras it is important to take pictures all throughout the accident, if it happens that you have injuries you should photograph them as well, so that if the investigating officer(s) called your attention at least you can provide proofs to them for documentation purposes. But you must not interfere while the investigation is on-going. Make sure to do it after the accident.

  • EXCHANGE INFORMATION WITH THE PERSONS INVOLVED. The investigating officer must obtain information from both sides and if it happens that the officer forgot or missed to obtain information from the other person involved with the accident you must insist on taking their info or if they refuse to give it to you, you must find a witness that is willing to testify with you.

  • REPORT THE ACCIDENT TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY. Call or notify your insurance company right away regarding the accident. It may have terms or a policy that needs immediate reporting with your full cooperation. Also, if your insurance includes medical benefits they might require you to provide your accident-related medical bills for them to confirm your claiming of the benefits, so just to ensure that you will receive your benefits at least provide them enough data.

  • SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION OR CALL A SPECIALIST. You may need a doctor or specialist after an accident even if it is not that serious. Pain and injuries will not show up fast, it may take an hour after the accident but you can never tell what you will feel after that accident so you must call a doctor, visit the nearest hospital or call a family physician to make sure that you are fine because if it remains untreated this may become a serious problem for you in the future.

  • KEEP ALL THE FILES OR DATA. Make sure to keep all of the documents related to the accident because it may have some details or information like claim number, claim adjuster who is handling the claim and phone number or contacts, etc. that you will be needing if there are other expenses incurred as a result of the accident.

  • PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS WITH THE HELP OF YOUR ATTORNEY. This is the most important thing that you should do after an accident is to consult your attorney. Your attorney can protect you with regards to your rights and to make sure valuable evidence is not destroyed. It is very important that you must receive legal advice from your attorney before providing statements or information because all of the insurance companies requiring immediate statements after the accident. Your attorney can advise you on how you are fully compensated to make sure that you will get a best medical treatment available.


* TIP - You can use your phone for more than just taking pictures of the accident.

Use it to take pictures of the other persons information like drivers license and insurance card.

Each year, over six million car accidents occur in the United States. Most of the issue involve property damage and damage to the vehicle as opposed to the person involved. But one from the three accidents involve personal injury to the driver or passengers and two out of ten accidents lead to fatal injuries.

10 Things you need to know and do after experiencing a car accident

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There are 10 important things that you must do after experiencing a car accident. The following list of important things are as follows: